Every company identity needs to stand out from the crowd. A powerful identity will help any company to better address:

  • increasing company recognition,
  • improving awareness,
  • building client trust,
  • increasing competitive advantage, and
  • generating faster business growth.

With a compelling company identity in place, any interaction with a client will reinforce your company’s branding.

Below are two examples of logos created for the same company. The one on the left was the original and the client loved it. The one on the right is an updated version that better suits the client’s needs today…more visibility, cleaner, easier to load on websites, etc. As you can see pink is the predominant color for this client.

As we continue to work with this client, the websites and products reflect ‘handwritten’ style of fonts, lots of pink and the signature “J”. In fact, the custom journals and Jems cards all include “The Journaling Jenius” as part of the background, with the name of the company being repeated many times in an angle across the cover of the journals and the backs of the Jems.